About the forum

The real estate sector leads more than 160 sectors and professions throughout the world, which makes it a competitive sector capable of making all the difference in the development process and enhancing the national output, hence the importance of organizing the first edition of Qatar Real Estate Forum (QREF). The forum seeks to promote the real estate sector towards achieving sustainability in the real estate industry and implementing the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2023.

Qatar’s real estate sector is one of the fastest growing sectors, and the second after the energy sector. It is also expected to be one of the attractive sectors for foreign direct investment during the post-World Cup period in line with the long-term objectives of urban development and economic diversification and the emerging stature occupied by the state as an economic hub, which will certainly lead to more opportunities for expansion and growth in the real estate market in the medium and long term.

The first Qatar Real Estate Forum is a platform with various activities that promote and support the real estate sector meet to exchange the best international experiences and benefit from the distinguished expertise of participants in this field. The forum constitutes a great opportunity for investors, real estate developers and all entities working in this sector to exchange experiences, offer opportunities, diversify investment options and learn about the most important components of the real estate market in the state of Qatar.


  • Creating a transparent and attractive environment for foreign investors.
  • Providing a promising platform to address and discuss issues related to the real estate sector.
  • Showcasing and exchanging regional and global experiences and practices related to the real estate sector.
  • Raising professional and community awareness of real estate development.
  • Supporting the implementation of Qatar's real estate sector development strategy and its outcomes.
  • Providing appropriate guidance and motivation for young national talents in the sector.
  • Producing a set of outcomes to serve as a roadmap for the real estate development path.


  • Government institutions and departments.
  • Investment and financing institutions 
  • Banks and banking companies
  • Insurance companies of all kinds
  • Construction and real estate development companies
  • Consulting firms for Real Estate services
  • Real estate companies and local and international agents
  • Departments of smart and sustainable cities
  • Real estate brokers (individuals or companies)
  • Lawyers and experts (individuals and companies)
  • Real estate valuation (individuals and companies)
  • Companies specialized in providing services to the Real Estate sector
  • Real Estate Technology Companies