Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaidah

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaidah

Group Chief Executive Officer, Arab Engineering Bureau (EAB) - Qatar

Arab Engineering Bureau | Group Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect

Ibrahim M. Jaidah is an award-winning architect who is known for delivering world-class projects to the Qatari architectural scene. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma (USA) in 1988 and has acquired AEB in 1991. Under his leadership, the firm grew from 6 to over 600 highly qualified employees and expanded its presence with branch offices across Middle East and Southeast Asia. In his professional career, Ibrahim has overseen completion of over 1,600 projects, making AEB one of the influential firms in the region.

In each project, Jaidah attempts to retain the identity of his culture while embracing the modern, creating memorable landmarks that help in shaping the architectural landscape of the State of Qatar. His passion for vernacular architecture resulted in the publication of The History of Qatari Architecture 1800-1950 (2010), 99 Domes Masjid of Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab (2015), Qatari Style (2019), and recently Discovering Arabian Deco (2023).

His Projects are considered to reflect culture, historical and environmental context in which they are situated which contributed to the formation and development of contemporary Arabic architecture in the State of Qatar. Jaidah is a dedicated advocate for sustainability and is a co-founder member of Qatar Green Building Council. He has also won numerous awards including the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities Award, Arab Town Organization Awards, and has been nominated three times for the Agha Khan Award. In 2005, Jaidah was honored with the State of Qatar Encouragement Award in recognition for his contribution to the design of timeless buildings that highlights the global image of the State of Qatar.



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