Mrs. Khadija Benguenna

Mrs. Khadija Benguenna


Khadija Benguenna is an Algerian Arab journalist

Having worked in Algeria, Switzerland and later on in Qatar, she was the first female journalist to present political talk shows on Aljazeera television Channel (inside story, ladies exclusive, interview of the day, Arab revolutions…etc. She began her carrier in 1987 with Algerian Radio as editor journalist before joining Algerian Television in 1990 as presenter of the 20:00 news bulletin.

During the civil war that struck Algeria she sets out for Switzerland in 1993. After settling down in Bern, Khadija Benguenna goes for a career as  correspondent journalist at the Arabic department of RSI (Radio Suisse International) between 1995 and 1997 under the supervision of Francois Gross, head of reporters without borders in Switzerland.

In 1997 she leaves Radio Suisse International to join Aljazeera Television Network in Qatar as presenter of news bulletins and political talk shows.

She interviewed presidents and heads of states: current Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Tunisian president Moncef Merzouki, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmady Nejad, Afghan president Hamed Karzay, Sudanese president Omar Hassan Albachir, Egyptian president Mohamad Morsi, president of the Swiss Federation Micheline Calmy Ray. In 2006 she was chosen by Forbes Magazine among the ten most influential women in the Arab World. In February 2016, she joined the UNO to invest in humanity as Khadija payed her first visit ever to Syrian refugees in Zaatari camps in Jordan together with the team of HCR (High Commission for Refugees). She also did several reports for Aljazeera on the humanitarian situation of Syrian refugees.



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